Greetings as you embark on your journey through our user's manual.

While we've aimed for simplicity, here's a brief guide to assist you during the editing process.


Merge PDF

Our PDF merger allows you to quickly combine multiple PDF files into one single PDF document, in just a few clicks.By simply dragging your pages within the editor area, you have the power to reorganize or remove individual pages. Furthermore, you can augment your document by adding additional PDFs, consolidating them into a single cohesive file.

Rotate PDF

Begin by uploading your PDF document, and then freely adjust the orientation of individual pages or multiple pages as per your preferences. Additionally, you have the option to combine and rotate multiple files simultaneously.

Split PDF

Effortlessly split your PDF into separate one-page documents, or selectively extract pages to create a new PDF file. You can also seamlessly insert or extract pages from multiple PDFs simultaneously.

Resize PDF

With the help of page orientation, size, and position, we can effortlessly resize the PDF to fit our specific requirements. This versatile approach ensures precise customization of the document layout.


Compress PDF

Our Compress PDF tool is designed for the convenient online compression of large PDFs at no cost. Whether you're looking to reduce file sizes for smoother emailing, sharing, or storage, you'll be up and running in seconds.

Compress Image

Effortlessly compress your images online, ensuring optimal file size for easy sharing and storage.


Edit PDF

Access a complimentary PDF editor for text modification and the addition of images, shapes, highlights, and freehand annotations to your documents. Streamline your online PDF editing experience for increased efficiency.

Add page numbers

To number PDF pages, upload your files from your device.Choose if you want to number all pages or just facing pages. Choose the page range to number.You can also edit the position of your number, and its format in the toolbar.


Image to PDF

Effortless and Rapid Image to PDF Conversion Simply drag and drop your image into the toolbox above for a swift transformation into a PDF document. Customize the output file format with a range of available settings.


Seamless File Conversion with No Compromise on Quality Converting a PDF to a Microsoft Word document can be challenging. To ensure top-notch quality,with our Conversion tool.


Convert your PDF files to Excel spreadsheets online, quickly. Simplify your document work with our powerful conversion tool and get more done in less time.


Swift and Effortless Conversion!If your PDF is formatted as a presentation, the conversion should be a breeze. Give it a try and witness the results firsthand.


If your PDF is formatted as a Text Document, the conversion should be a breeze. Give it a try and witness the results firsthand.

PDF Scanner

Transform your mobile device into a portable scanner with the VivyaScan Mobile App. Simply download it on your iOS or Android phone and begin scanning effortlessly today!

Interact PDF

Interact PDF is a versatile tool for creating and editing PDF documents with ease.