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Not particularly tech-savvy? No worries! Whether it's your initial experience with iLovePDF or not, we've designed it to be exceedingly straightforward. Our interface is intuitive, and our tools are proficient, so you won't run into any obstacles.

We strive to bring you the smallest file size possible while maintaining the quality at its best. Manage Documents—All in One Place No more working across multiple apps! Save time by storing, managing, and sharing files across devices—straight from our web platform.


Experience a more efficient utilization of your time.

We assist you in conserving your valuable time.

You can efficiently edit multiple files in batches, sparing you the tedium of handling them individually. Your files undergo rapid processing, eliminating the need for extended waiting periods—provided you have a stable internet connection, of course.

The ability to oversee your files autonomously.

Organize them alphabetically. Forgot to include one? You can add more, remove some, or even rotate them after uploading. Managing files can often be a chaotic endeavor.


Work Faster With VivyaScan PDF Files

The liberty to select your preferred platform.

All of our tools,including the file compression tool, are available for free, albeit with certain usage restrictions. Moreover, you're not confined solely to compressing PDF files; you can also reduce the size of various other document formats. To begin, just drag and drop your files into the tool.

Create the Perfect Document

"Whether your file is too large, needs a specific format, or requires organization amidst chaos, VivyaScan offers the solutions you need: compressing, converting, merging, splitting, and even removing excess pages."


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We Make PDF Easy

"Our mission is to empower you to work more efficiently, enabling you to focus on what truly matters. With over 20 PDF tools at your disposal, you can easily convert, compress, e-sign, and accomplish much more".

Any Device, Anytime!

"PDFs are ubiquitous, and so are we! We streamline those basic tasks across web, and mobile platforms, ensuring simplicity wherever you go."

Easy, Professional E-Signing

"Generate polished signatures, e-sign documents, solicit signatures from others, and guide them to the designated signing area."

Merge & Combine Multiple PDFs

"Merge several PDFs effortlessly into a single document with just a few clicks. Let the PDF celebration begin!"

Get It on Mobile

Create PDF scans, organize documents, and share files from all your connected devices with the Smallpdf Mobile App—wherever you are.

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